Our Members say:

u" I wish I'd found out about this years ago"

u" Climbing the stairs isn't a problem any more, and I sleep much better"

u"I've made many new friends and everyone's been so friendly"

u"I can get up much easier in the mornings now"

 Health Education Authority Says:
" Many people aged 50 years and over feel they're too old to be physically active and fail to be convinced of the benefits. They frequently assess any decline in physical capacity as being an inevitable consequence of ageing and underestimate the beneficial role that moderate level physical activity can play."

Active for Life Campaign
The benefits of exercise for older people cannot be over stressed. Not only can it add 15 years onto your lifespan but it can also vastly improve the quality of your life. Some of the many positive benefits include:

l reducing the risk of heart disease and strokes

l helping to control blood pressure

l relieving arthritis

l maintaining flexible joints and strong muscles

l helping to improve non-insulin dependant diabetes

l keeping you looking better and feeling cheerful

The Allied Dunbar National Fitness Survey (1992) found that:

  * 40% of men and women between the ages of 65 and 74 don't take part in any physical activity at all

  * Only 10% of people over 65 are active for half an hour or more at least five times a week

 * Most people think they are fitter than they actually are

Being fit doesn't mean you have to run marathons or be an athlete! Simply attending a class makes you more active and brings you into contact with more people. As you progress you find you can do more and enjoy yourself more, especially when exercising in a group. Most people find one of the most enjoyable parts of attending a class is mixing with others of a similar age and experience.

Age Active is predominantly run by older adults and encourages its participants to become involved in the day to day running and to contribute their knowledge and experience as much as possible.